Susanna Smedley Crowley

Mobile: 415-300-5971

Susanna is an experienced Real Estate Advisor and Registered Nurse who has worked in both industries for more than 25 years. Beginning her real estate career near the Chesapeake Bay, Susanna became a top producer for Annapolis Realty, an affiliate of Sotheby’s.

As a nurse, Susanna advocated for patients and their families. She participated on teams performing organ transplant surgery and development of new healthcare concepts. 

Although working in both careers concurrently, Susanna’s preference has always been real estate. She retired from nursing during the pandemic to place a greater focus on her career as a realtor. 

With a natural love of people and a passion for real estate, this decision made perfect sense for Susanna. It was also practical; she has decades of experience restoring homes. With her husband as her general contractor, Susanna specializes in “fixer-uppers.” He takes pride in her ability to seek out the best opportunities and locations. These skills have transferred seamlessly into Susanna’s real estate experience. She diligently represents her clients’ needs and always goes the extra mile.

In 2018, diligent pursuit led Susanna to a derelict property with lots of potential in West Marin. She immediately appreciated the magic of Marin County! In true West Marin fashion, Susanna purchased the property after chasing down someone at the local grocery store - this someone was crucial to the purchase who had known the seller for many decades. After three years of her husband’s dedication to the rehabilitation of the home, they are happily living in it. 

Susanna is excited to put her skills to use in Marin County’s beautiful and diverse housing market. Outside of real estate, Susanna enjoys volunteering for various West Marin social activities, creating gardens for pollinators, and loves to hike with her two lucky pups, Griffin and Lanna.