Geographically, West Marin is the largest swath of rural land in Marin County, hugging the windswept coast, surrounding peaceful Tomales Bay, and encompassing the bucolic agricultural landscapes of Lucas Valley, Nicasio Valley, and Point Reyes. But we all know geography is only one factor in what makes a place special. 

The Happiest California Cows are in West Marin!

Visitors from all over the Bay Area and beyond come to West Marin to experience Farm to Table cuisine - we're famous for being pioneers in local & organic meat, milk, cheese, produce, and shellfish. Cowgirl Creamery, Hog Island Oyster Company, and Marin Sun Farms are just some of the local food pioneers that started in West Marin.

The Happiest Campers are also in West Marin!

Visitors also come to experience the breathtaking natural beauty that is synonymous with West Marin, from hiking and biking our spectacular trails, backcountry camping under the stars, to kayaking in crystal blue waters. There is something for everyone to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge their batteries. 

All the things that make this a great place to visit also make it a wonderful place to live. You can have all the wonders of West Marin right in your own backyard. Imagine going out for an evening paddle and still be home for dinner. Or a lunchtime run at Bear Valley. Why wait for the weekend?

Our West Marin Communities include Point Reyes Station, Inverness, Olema, Marshall, Nicascio, Tomales, Dillon Beach, Bolinas, Muir Beach and Stinson Beach. Each town has its own unique flavor and sense of place, but all we all embrace the West Marin lifestyle... a way of life dominated by a deep reverence for our shared natural landscape.

If you share our love of this special spot on the California Coast, we can help you make this your home. Let us introduce you to the different communities that make West Marin a wonderful place to live.